Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association

Annual General Meeting 30th April 2014
7.30 pm start

The AGM will be preceded by a short presentation by Suffolk's Alan Osborne. [Community Safety Officer]

1.  Apologies for absence

2.  Minutes of AGM held on 23rd April 2013

3.  Matters arising.

4.  Chairman’s Report

5.  Secretary Report -  position vacant

6.  Treasurer’s Report

7.  Election of Officers:


Vice Chairman




8.  Resolution for the dissolving of the Association

(This item will only be considered should the posts of Officers of the Association not be filled) 

‘Due to the lack of Officers to run the business of Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association this meeting agrees with deep regret to dissolve the organisation.

Any assets of the Association either in money or goods to be distributed by the existing committee members in accordance with the wishes of those present at the AGM, and after any debts or expenses incurred by the Association have been met.’

9.  Recommendations for the disposal of the Association’s assets.

 (This item will only be considered should the posts of Officers of the Association not be filled and Item 8 is passed.)

10.  Any other Business.


For details of route & location click Stonham Baptist Church

Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association
County Executive Committee Meeting
Stonham. 7.30pm 15 April 2014

Present - Jim Henson (JH) (Chair), Brian Sivyer (BS) (Vice Chair), Bob Gooch (BG) (Treasurer), Peter Taber (PT) (Web Master), Claude Brand (CB)

 JH asked that BS chair the meeting.

1.  Apologies for absence:- There were no apologies.

2. Minutes of the last meeting held 26 February 2014:- The minutes were accepted.

3. Matters arising:- BG reported that HSBC will not release hard copies of details of previous signatures for the account though he had been allowed to see the information on the bank’s computer screen.
BS had contacted Argent Press and Suffolk Radio regarding advertising the forthcoming AGM with limited success. JH is to contact Argent whilst BS is on holiday.

4. Chairman’s report:-

* JH has a meeting with David Skevington the Temporary Assistant Chief Constable on 11 April and up-dated him with the status of Suffolk NHW. DS is very pro NHW and stated that it was of value to the Police. No immediate funding would be forthcoming although there was the possibility of £500 towards Community work

*The trialling of Neighbourhood Return regarding dementia sufferers will not continue due to funding not being renewed.

* JH announced that he would not be standing for a committee post at the AGM and would not be able to accept any role within Suffolk NHW due to family commitments.

5. Treasurer’s report:-
* BG distributed balance sheets.
* He questioned the ability of groups who do not have a bank account to apply for grants especially where bank accounts were required and wondered whether it would be feasible for the Suffolk Association to hold the moneys for the individual groups. It was decided that this matter could be considered by a new committee after the AGM.

* After discussion it was agreed that BG should close the account with Scottish Widows due to very poor interest being earned on the account and place the money into the HSBC current account. This would allow any outstanding expenses to pay without delay. It would be for any future committee to decide how best to invest any surplus cash.
* BG asked whether there was a County Minutes Book held at Police HQ. He would check it out as to whether it did/does exist.

6. AGM:-
* BS emphasised that the Baptist Church MUST be open from 7pm for those attending.
* JH to speak with Alan Osborne (Community Safety Manager) regarding an opening statement prior to  the start of the AGM  to emphasise the importance of NHW.
* If at the AGM there are no nominations for committee posts (and there must be a quorum of three) then the resolution to dissolve the Association should be put forward. This resolution shall be within the body of the AGM. If there are sufficient volunteers to form a committee then the resolution to dissolve the Association and dispose of its assets shall be ignored.
* After considerable discussion the following possible suggestions were made regarding the disposal of assets (if necessary):-
        Suffolk Foundation cash to be returned to source.
Stonham Baptist Church in lieu of the free use of their hall over the past years.
        Crime Stoppers?
        Crime Prevention Panels?

        National Neighbourhood Watch Association?
        Victim Support and/or Rape Support?

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.


Suffolk Neighbourhood Watch Association
County Executive Committee Meeting
Stonham Baptist Church 7.30pm Wednesday 26 February 2014

Present: - Jim Henson (JH) (Chair) Brian Sivyer (BS) (Vice Chair) Bob Gooch (BG) (Treasurer), Peter Taber (PT) (Web Master), Claude Brand (CB)
J.H asked B.S to chair the meeting.

1.   Apologies for absence: -              There were no apologies.

 2.   Minutes of the last meeting: -   There were no minutes.

 3.   Matters arising:-                            There were no matters arising

 4.   Chairman’s report:-

 BS reported that under the chairmanship of JH no meetings of either the Committee or of the Association had been held during the past year. However, there had been numerous meetings involving JH and BS with the Suffolk Constabulary and the PCC on various matters relating to the development of NHW in the County. JH gave his reasons for the lack of meetings due to the pending appointment of a PCC, the date of which appointment kept being put back and thus subsequent meetings were delayed. JH now acknowledged that with hindsight meetings should have been held but  at the time it was not clear whether CWLO posts would survive the financial cuts and the appointment of a PCC and what the effect that would have had for the Association and NHW in the County. He had anticipated that matters would come to a head sooner than they did.  BS said that it was now time to move on in a positive manner as nothing would change the past.  PT remarked that in the past the Police had been led by the Home Office on matters regarding NHW and regretted that this no longer happened.

 5.   Treasurer’s report:-

 BG reported that funds at HSBC stood at £3621.40. Funds were also held with Scottish Widows which stood at £3500. Of the amount in HSBC £2000 was ring fenced from Suffolk Foundation for the provision of NHW signs and £300 from a Suffolk County Councillor Truelove for signage from his Locality Budget for NHW signs at Combs village. Both the money from the Locality Budget and from Suffolk Foundation needs to be used by May 2014. There is also a £3000 grant held by Suffolk Constabulary for use by NHW to be made available for NHW signs.

 BG reported that there appeared to be four active signatories to sign cheques. J. Snell, T. Fowler, J. Henson and B. Gooch. CB recommended that BG should approach HSBC to obtain a copy of the last mandate to the bank in order to clarify the situation. BG said he had tried. However, it was agreed that BG should persist so that there was doubt as to who could sign cheques. (BG to action)

 The delay in using the money from both ring-fenced amounts was due to discussions with the Constabulary by JH to get them to purchase the signs so as to avoid the 20% Vat that would have had to have been paid if Association had purchased them. This matter has not been resolved and has led to the money not being used. It was recommended that JH should obtain the signs for Combs as soon as possible to avoid losing the Locality Budget money.

6.   Constitution:-

 It was agreed that the present constitution was not fit for purpose and needed to be re-written. However, nothing should be done until after the AGM. If, at this time a full committee was elected then it was up to them to present a new constitution for adoption. If there was no committee and thus no County Association then the constitution would not be needed. The National NHW Association was currently working on a model constitution for national use based on the Sussex model – thus it may not be necessary for Suffolk to produce their own.  If Suffolk should fail as an Association then the Police would deal with the individual schemes in Suffolk. 

7.   Arrangements for the AGM:-

 It was important to promote the AGM to get members to attend. It was suggested that the Committee use Argent Press (BS to action), media such as Radio Suffolk and approach Alan Osborne to request the use of Police Direct and the CWLOs in advertising the AGM (JH to action). Also our Suffolk NHW web site should be used (PT to action).

 The date is 30 April 2014 at 7.30pm at Stonham Baptist Church.

 BS stated that a resolution to dissolve the Association would need to be prepared at the next meeting to be put forward at the AGM in case no volunteers to fill committee posts are forthcoming. There would then be the need to dissolve Suffolk NHW Association. There would also be the need to make recommendations as to the disposal of funds.

BG suggested that the financial accounts of the Suffolk NHW Association should be closed immediately. However, BS pointed out that this would be something that should only be done at the AGM and only if there should the Association be dissolved. If this were done prior to the AGM we could leave another committee without funds to continue. CB pointed out that the constitution stated that the accounts have to be closed at AGM or specially called meeting and that meeting would decide where the funds were to be discharged.

8.   AOB

BG asked for claims forms re expenses so that any outstanding amounts could be settled prior to the AGM.

9.   Date of next  Executive committee meeting.

Tuesday 15 April 2014 7.30pm at Stonham Baptist Church


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